Trust and trustee services

Trustee service is a part of almost every family office. Among the most crucial options are trust structures, which provide a robust and secure framework for safeguarding family assets and facilitating their seamless transfer across generations.

Given the escalating complexity of financial landscapes, there is a pressing need:

  • To establish legal structures for a family that align with their specific purposes and goals.
  • To diversify the structures in which assets are held. From holistic point of view the combination of various jurisdictions is important due to uncertainties, policy changes and amendments of regulation.
  • To consider the dynamics of the family businesses so that the structure can be optimized if the family’s objectives evolve or change over time.
  • To provide a solution which allows the clientele a greater degree of influence over the structure holding the assets.

The complexity factors play a crucial role in determining the selection of trustworthy and business-friendly jurisdictions. By considering the demand for personalized solutions, and the specific needs of each family, we can identify jurisdictions that offer a combination of reliability and ease of conducting business. These carefully chosen jurisdictions ensure that our clients’ assets are well-protected.

Employing a private trust company as trustee for a trust lays the foundation for exercising comprehensive control over trust assets within the established structure.

We specialise in trustee services from New Zealand, a country that offers one of the most attractive and renowned jurisdictions globally for international clients.

Our management is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), senior member of NZ Trustee Association, International Tax Planning Association and involved in NZ sector of this industry for many years.

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