Our offerings include a thorough evaluation of each project to develop a realistic strategy, determine its financial requirements, and assess the effectiveness of utilising donated funds. By providing these services, we strive to maximise the positive impact of our clients’ philanthropic endeavours.

Our international involvement in this field traces back to the 1990s. During this time, Irina Francken worked in ADRA, a prominent global NGO dedicated to overseeing a multitude of projects across the world. Meanwhile, Nico Francken held positions on the board of a development consulting firm (ETC Foundation, Leusden, the Netherlands), as well as actively engaging with Triodos Bank and Triodos Foundation in the Netherlands.

Through their roles, Nico and Irina made substantial contributions to valuable initiatives spanning health, education, alternative agriculture, and various other sectors.

We provide expert advice and comprehensive assistance to clients who wish to contribute to charitable causes within their own country or engage in cross-border giving.

Our services encompass various aspects, including trust structures, foundations, and legal matters. In cases requiring specialized tax advice, we collaborate with professional tax advisors to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Strengthening Communities

Spreading Positivity

IN Fiduciary Services is proud to support it’s own philanthropical project in Indonesia. Our NZ team setup this project in 2018 and actively developed the first stage.

Sinar focuses on the area of women’s development but also engages the entire community into their economic independence and sustainable future.