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New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with an extremely business friendly economic system. Banking, legal and accounting services are of very high quality and with modern communications through high speed Internet, and telecom systems access is almost instantaneous. New Zealand is located half way between Singapore and the USA (i.e. with overlapping business hours) and 12 hours ahead of Western Europe (10 hours in the New Zealand winter/European summer).

The main structure being used within the international business and investment world is the New Zealand foreign trust. Provided settlor and assets are outside New Zealand, such a trust does not need to file a tax return in New Zealand as its earnings are not subject to New Zealand tax. Since February 2017, all new Foreign trusts must be registered with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). We need to supply information that will allow the IRD to satisfy themselves that it does in fact fall within the parameters of a qualifying New Zealand Foreign trust and that there are no New Zealand tax liabilities. IN Fiduciary Services generally uses a dedicated company as trustee for each trust.

New Zealand introduced two other potential structures, the Limited Partnership (LP) and the so-called Look-Through-Company (LTC). Both are of interest for international parties using the New Zealand jurisdiction.

Advantages of using this jurisdiction are that New Zealand does not look like a "tax haven" such as BVI, Samoa, Cyprus, Jersey, etc., and that it is generally regarded as a high tax paying country. We generally prefer to use these off-shore jurisdictions, if need be, behind the on-shore structures.