Our Corporate Story

Since 1994, IN Fiduciary Services Group has been a leading fiduciary service provider headquartered in New Zealand, with subsidiaries in The Netherlands and Singapore.

The founder, Nico J.C. Francken, was a Dutch lawyer who ran his legal practice in The Netherlands from 1981. In 1994, he moved to New Zealand with his family, where he continued his legal services while simultaneously establishing the IN Fiduciary Services Group. Presently, his wife, Irina Francken, serves as the principal director and shareholder of IN Fiduciary Services Group.

We specialize in multiple jurisdictions, including New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, and Switzerland, and occasionally utilize other jurisdictions when necessary.

Our knowledge and experience are a result of successful practices and extensive research within each jurisdiction. This allows us to tailor individual solutions for every client, partnering with them on a wide range of diverse projects.

We serve individuals, families and family offices who are concerned about protection & preservation of their hard-earned assets and wealth.

For family-owned businesses, we assist in implementing structures and governance that embody family purpose, values, and ensure the preservation of generational family wealth.

Additionally, we provide guidance to individuals and family offices who aspire to make a positive impact on their community through philanthropy.

Our family history


Our objectives