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Corporate Structure

The IN Fiduciary Services Group operates through the following companies and foundation:

  • IN Fiduciary Services Limited (New Zealand)
  • IN Fiduciary Services Pte. Limited (Singapore)
  • Stichting IN Fiduciary Services (the Netherlands)

All entities act as shareholder / director of client structures. They have no assets in their own right as they only hold (manage) client structures.

The Directors of the IN Fiduciary Services subsidiaries are Irina M. Francken and Sally Risakotta van Aalst. They have no personal interest in any of the client structures or their assets and their role is clearly in a fiduciary position. Both directors prudently take care of money or other assets for their clients.

As to the beneficial ownership of the assets of subsidiaries and sister entities are beneficially owned by Irina M. Francken.