Our family history

The Francken Family has a long and illustrious history dating back to the 16th century. The surname Francken was initially recorded in North Brabant, a province in the Netherlands. Over time, the family’s name gained significant prominence, leading them to become one of the most influential lineages of their era.

Our court of arms has three right swimming fishes on two colourful backgrounds. Since the 16th century, our family has maintained a tradition of having at least one lawyer in each generation.

Among the current generation, Wendela Francken is the youngest and works as a Dutch lawyer in the Netherlands. We are proud to possess a captivating collection of old law books that our ancestors preserved for us.

The oldest printed book in our collection dates back to MDCLXIV, written in Roman numerals as 1664. Furthermore, we cherish an ancient notebook containing handwritten notes from our family’s students, dating back to 1652.

As a family business, our primary focus is on caring for your family and safeguarding your family wealth. We understand that families today are spread across the globe, just like we are global citizens ourselves.

This perspective enables us to empathize with the unique challenges and concerns faced by international families. Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive support and tailored solutions that cater to your family’s specific needs, regardless of geographical boundaries.

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