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Corporate Structure

The IN Fiduciary Services Group operates through the following companies and Foundation:

  • IN Fiduciary Services Limited (New Zealand)
  • IN Fiduciary Services Pte. Limited (Singapore)
  • IN Fiduciary Services (Labuan) Limited (Labuan, Malaysia)
  • Stichting IN Fiduciary Services (the Netherlands)

All entities act as shareholder / director of client structures. They have no assets in their own right as they only hold (manage) client structures. All client structures have been created to act as trustees / managers for the clients and/or (discretionary) beneficiaries.

The above foundation and companies are (beneficially) owned and/or managed by Stichting IN Fiduciary Services Holding (formerly known as Stichting Intetrust), operated by the Francken family since 1988.

A Stichting is a Dutch Foundation (described as a “segregated purpose capital without shareholders”) with limited liability. It is an ideal holding vehicle for companies / foundations that merely act as trustees for our clients. The Directors of Stichting IN Fiduciary Services Holding are Irina and Nico Francken. They have no personal interest in any of the structures or their assets.

Banks often want “flesh and blood” at the end of the ownership line. As Stichting IN Fiduciary Services Holding is the end of the trustee line, there is no flesh and blood there. Its directors have no personal interest and it does not have any shareholders. Founders and settlors as such have no further role in the structures after creation. Consequently, the banks will have to look at the contributor of the funds or assets.