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About us


When you choose IN Fiduciary Services as your preferred supplier of international business and investment structures you can feel secure in our experience, our knowledge and independence. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • our principal director has done it and seen it all; with more than 45 years of relevant experience he knows the benefits and pitfalls of most structures
  • as a small company we are more flexible, able to respond swifter than large organisations and to tailor make structures to the exact requirements of our clients
  • we are available to our clients 24 hours 7 days a week
  • we pride ourselves on professional, friendly advice and service
  • we are result oriented, and not product sellers, choosing the best structure to achieve our clients' objectives
  • we are team players working closely with our client's professional advisors – lawyers, accountants, tax consultants and bankers
  • we offer a multilingual service in a number of languages such as English, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish and German
  • we guarantee confidentiality by keeping our records in the jurisdiction which per se has no client interest
  • we deal with many banks and other financial institutions and are non-aligned
  • we build our long-term client relationship by assisting our clients with the creation and on-going management of their structures and assets
  • we fully apply KYC ("Know Your Client") and AML ("Anti Money Laundering") rules and in the same time maintain strict client confidentiality