We are a trusted fiduciary services provider associated with STEP and the NZ Trustee Association

Our mission

Our primary mission is to provide you with legally robust solutions…

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Trust and Trustee Services

Trustee service is a part of almost every family office. Among the most crucial options…

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Foundations & fiduciary services

Foundation is a versatile alternative to traditional trusts. With its unique blend of private wealth…

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Corporate and investment structures

We craft investment and business structures that cater to the financial objectives of the family…

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Compliance and risk assessment

Compliance is a broader subject comprising several components. The complexity of it has changed in the last decade…

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We strive to enhance the positive impact generated by our clients’ philanthropic efforts.

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Our corporate history

Since 1994, IN Fiduciary Services Group has been a leading fiduciary service provider headquartered in New Zealand…

Our family history

The Francken Family has a long and illustrious history dating back to the 16th century. The surname Francken was initially recorded in…

Our objectives

Our primary objective is to provide you with practical and legally sound solutions. When you select IN Fiduciary Services as your trusted supplier…

The Power of Philanthropy in Transforming Lives

Our goal is to amplify the positive influence of our clients’ charitable endeavors through the provision of these services.