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Immigration by Investment

New Zealand is a typical “immigration” country as it still needs new people. Besides, New Zealand, an OECD member state, offers attractive and secure investment opportunities. New Zealand is regarded as one of the most business friendly and least corrupted countries in the world. It is very popular with HNWI’s looking for a good place to live and to invest their money.

Based on market demand we have decided to combine our current services with immigration. We have been operating in New Zealand for almost a quarter of a century and know the country well. Consequently, we are ideally placed to assist our international clients inside New Zealand too.

New Zealand has a number of criteria for immigrants. Many people come in on the basis of their skills but others can get residency on the basis of investment. There are two kinds of investment criteria based respecitvely on a minimum of NZD3 million and NZD10 million. The NZD10 million criteria is most attractive as there are only very few additional requirements. Both investments must be kept in New Zealand for a few years but can be changed and amended during that period.

Besides being an fantastic place to live, Investment in New Zealand is attractive by itself due to its returns, flexibility, security etc. The potential to obtain permanent residency (and citizenship after a few years of residency) is an added bonus.