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Custodian Services

The IN Fiduciary Services Group (established in 1994) also offers Custodian services through its associated companies in New Zealand and Singapore. In this capacity it holds all kinds of securities (shares, bonds, bank deposits, loans, cash, etc.) as custodian for its clients.

Custodian services are generally useful for clients who are not interested or able to be involved in the day-to-day management activities of (some of) their assets, as well as complex transactions, management of substantial assets, timely reporting and compliance and tax management strategies.

Clients open an account with IN Custodians and, once opened, transfer whatever assets they choose to the company. The account can be in the name of the client or in the name of a fiduciary structure holding assets on their behalf (trust, foundation, holding or investment company, etc.). Please note that IN Custodians is merely a private custodian trustee. The assets continue to be owned by the client or by the fiduciary structure created by or for him or his nominees.

Before IN Custodians opens an account for the client or his structure it requires full information on the client and especially the source of his assets. Naturally this information will be held on a confidential basis.

The IN Fiduciary Services Group holds assets for clients with a number of banks both on-shore and offshore. IN Custodians Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of IN Fiduciary Services Limited which has been a registered Financial Services Provider in New Zealand for a number of years. Besides it is regulated by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs for anti-money laundering purposes. Finally, as a Group we apply proper controls to ensure that we do not get implicated in any money laundering, fraudulent tax evasion and financing of terrorism, etc.

Naturally we ensure that our client assets are well protected and their privacy assured in as far as legally possible.