About us

Corporate history

Dr. Nico J.C.Francken ran a legal practice in The Netherlands from 1981 until 1994, during which time, besides his general legal services, he offered clients offshore business structures in Samoa and the Cook Islands.

Dr. Nico J.C. Francken and Dr. Irina M. Medvedeva worked in New Zealand since 1994 where they created their own private trustee company IN Fiduciary Services Limited. Today Irina and Nico remain the principal shareholders of the IN Group.

IN Fiduciary Services advises clients from a number of countries on business and investment structures. Over the years their business has assisted many individuals, families and companies with asset maintenance and growth, using not only traditional and conservative investment vehicles but also offering more innovative and higher risk investment opportunities.

Clients benefit from access to our global network of professional trust and corporate experts, including senior trust lawyers and leading investment specialists.

In 2002 IN Fiduciary Services opened an office in Singapore, placing it at the centre of global business, and from here commenced corporate services for an expanding Asian client base.

In 2011 IN Fiduciary Services opened an office in Switzerland where Jacques Leuba has joined our team having recently retired from Banque Heritage SA, after a successful career including many years at Switzerland's largest banking groups - Credit Suisse Group (Clariden Leu), UBS, and before that in London and the Channel Islands.